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A consultation is required before any treatments.  It is done in clinic, to recommend a treatment plan, skin health  and clinic procedures.  A full facial skin image and analysis will be done using the Dibi Milano Skin Analyser.  Which captures high resolution frontal, right and left face photos, which provdies clients with a clear, targeted recommendations to 

The CACI system uses microcurrent to tone, lift

and re-educate the muscles back to the original

position. Uses electric currents to stimulate collagen

production and is A list favourite!  Designed to be part

of a course of treatments, various stages in the facial

work together to retrain muscles and promise

impressive long term results.


The probes are placed around each muscle group,

taken in turn, and send electric magnetic frequencies

which mimic the body's electrical file, making them tauter and encouraging them to become more elastic, which makes the face appear more youthful.  This feels slightly alien as skin is prodded, but its not at all painful.



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