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Non Surgical Facelift

CACI facial treatment range.jpg

    Designed to be part of a course of treatments


  • CACI

  • Radio Frequency

  • Oxynergy Paris Serums

  • LED Light Therapy




The CACI system uses microcurrent to tone, lift

and re-educate the muscles back to the original

position. Uses electric currents to stimulate collagen

production and is A list favourite!  Designed to be part

of a course of treatments, various stages in the facial

work together to retrain muscles and promise

impressive long term results.


The probes are placed around each muscle group,

taken in turn, and send electric magnetic frequencies

which mimic the body's electrical file, making them tauter and encouraging them to become more elastic, which makes the face appear more youthful.  This feels slightly alien as skin is prodded, but its not at all painful.



radio Frequency

RA radio frequency facelift, or a collagen wave facial, is an aesthetic treatment.  Almost as highly demanded as Botox, thanks to the great results it achieves in facial tightening and body remodelling, without needles or a scalpel.  The procedure is renowned for its skin tightening, which leaves patients noticing a very visible difference after the radiofrequency facelift.


The most advanced radiofrequency lifting equipment tightens

the skin and enables remodelling with desirable results from

a single session.  It is ideal for people who either don't want

or don't believe they are old enough to have a surgical

procedure.  It does not require needles or a scapel, does not

leave scars,k and overall is a pain-free procedure.  It

considerably improves the general texture of the skin, further

slowing down the ageing process over the following years.


The treatment uses a technology that heats layers of the skin

stimulating the synthesis of collagen by providing a great

intensity of heat in the deeper layers of the skin.  During a

radiofrequency facelift, the production of collagen and elastin

is stimulated.  In this way, you can rearrange the face that has

lost smoothness, tightening wrinkled, parched and flaccid skin.


The results of a radiofrequency facelift:


  • Firmer skin

  • Skin tighening

  • reduced nasolabial grooves raises eye lids & eye brows

  • blurs and smoothes expression lines


Radio Frequency.jpg

The new generation of cosmeceutical skincare that

respects each person's skin type and condition.

The future of skincare is based on  science with

immediate and long lasting results. The unique

formulas target specific skin concerns and two

essential processes of lift: the Krebs Cycle and the

Stem Cells.  Everlasting cellular energy starts here!



LED Light Therapy


LED light therapy is a revolutionary non-invasive

treatment that has been used by NASA to significantly i

mprove the medical care of astronauts on long term

space missions.


Important research by NASA shows that LED's stimulate

the basic energy processes in the mitochondria,

increasing respiration and energy within the cells, and

wave lengths between 630-800 nm can travel through

the surface tissue and muscle between input and exit.


NASA has proved that wounds can be healed with LED

Light and hyperbaric oxygen, and furthermore, DNA

synthesis in fibroblasts and muscle cells can be

increased fivefold using LED light alone.


The treatment involves light therapy which emits

specific wavelengths of light along the face and neck

panel of the mask, capturing areas such as the sides of

the face, ears, hairline and neck along with other key

areas to provide overall rejuvenation.  Fundamentally it

will energise skin cells, rejuvenate the skin and increase

collagen production, which results in firmer younger

looking skin.


Advanced treatments can incorporate the galvanic

function which increases product penetration and blood

circulation.  A hydro-gel mask can be applied under the

Koreesamed mask for intensive hydration and skin nourishment.


Aside from the non-invasive anti-ageing treatment the mask can treat a number of other conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and dilated capillaries.  It will also help to balance skin tone, improve complexion and firm the skin.




Alison M Signature Non Surgical Facelift  £80


Course of 10  £700

(includes Dermarollering,  Dermaplane, Mesotherapy, Xpert Facial, Dermalogica Starter Skin Kit and Microdermabrsion

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