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No Needle Filler

What is Filleron?

The ‘Filleron Profession Pen’ is a needle free device designed to administer filler to volumise lips, nasal folds, marionette lines or plump out fine lines and wrinkles using Dermal Filler, the exact same Dermal Filler used in injectables Fillers. (cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid) The devise is a medical grade CE certified needle free pen which is safe, efficient and almost painless

This is achieved by using air pressure to puncture a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid into the chosen area.

The ‘Filleron Needle Free Pen’ allows me to perform lip plumping, wrinkle reduction and skin hydration all at once whilst boosting the skins natural collagen and elastin production.

Unlike the alternative needle treatments you have much less chance of bruising and swelling.

Just like needle dermal fillers, the results last 3 to 7 months in most cases. Please get in touch for a free consultation, 01934 417042

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