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An extremely powerful antioxidant serum, which counteracts the action of free radicals and protects cell DNA.  The skin will look fresh, radiant and smooth with fine lines and wrinkles improved.


How to use

Shock phase 5 days - mix collagen and serum together and gently tap onto the skin at night.  


Progressive phase - continue to use the serum under your moisturiser at night.


Active ingredients:

Astaxanthin             Antioxidant


Vitamin C & E          Antioxidant & brightening


Carnosine                 Antioxidant & neurtralising action against free radical damage


Retinol                        Stimulates skin regeneration


Co-Enzyme Q10     Antioxidant


Collagen Yarn          Delivery technique & hydrating 



Prodigy C40 serum

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